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Bats in the Belfry

11 August 1980
Dude. I just rock.

My Stuff

Made Up to Break Up

It's a Story about a band doing band things. Not really. I lie. It's secretly a love story.

Real Bands Need Electric Guitars

This is the same thing as above, webcomic edition. Full Colour. Updates whenever I get tired of staring at the wall or fucking around on my computer. (One to three times a week in a nutshell.)

MUBU Livejournal Community

This is where you will find updates on these two projects. Sometimes you might even get secret extra content that I'm too lazy to tell anybody else about.

The Paris of America

This is where I talk about what I watch on TV and make Torchwood Recaps and post icons and stuff. Wierd. Hey, it was vacant property, I had to do something with it after I went to all the trouble of learning html and css and how to make skins and stuff.

This LJ is mostly friends only. Befriend me if you want to experience the full extent of my lameness. Seriously, do it. It'll be awesome. I'll totally friend you back if you leave me a comment somewhere!

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